Chippings or more commonly known as Chuckey's, Stones, Gravel, and Staines. An important feature to a maintenance free garden are chips (stones), it can add character to an area, quantity is most important as over doing chipping's can lead to a garden being spoiled.

1m High "Ranch Style" Fence


Solent Gold

Also colour is vital! If you require a specific colour or shade for your design it is important to think if availability, some suppliers advertise colours but supply to order (incurring more expense).

2m High "Ranch Style" Fence


Clean Granite

Once the type of stone has been chosen and delivery is imminent, you would need to protect the area with a weed barrier. The barrier helps to prevent weed germination, however quantities of weed control are still required for periodical or long term control..

Double Sided Ranch


Scottish Pebbles with Pearl grey

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