Lawns, turf, grass, weeds or mulch whatever you call you patch is still needs attention. Gardenscene is called out to so many different places to replace repair or evict the stuff. most times we find ourselves repeating the same things, it may look bad but a bit of care and attention is the cure to most lawns. However if you do not have the time or patience to deal with it then we shall.

Turf is quite inexpensive and achieves the best, instant results. after lots of different varieties we have laid we are drawn to "General purpose", does exactly that. hard wearing quite green with a fresh smell when cut (this website is good but cannot download smells).

If you know the size of your garden it helps us estimate over the phone or we could visit.

Despite what can be said here on this page, pictures are what you are after.


Before, regard the gate

After, look closely you can see the gate