Construction. It will take some time to achieve the look required so patients are a virtue. The site is usually cleared and dug. The mess from this can be astonishing. However we take great care to protect our customers during this stage putting barriers or tape where work is being carried out.

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Checklists are all important, your knowledge of what you do not like is sometimes all we need to guide us in the right direction.

Once you have decided to contact Gardenscene we can arrange times for a visit to measure and discuss the current and previous work. because we have been trading for 7 years and have created a wide variety of clients, who are willing to pass on a recommendation or for the customer to view the job in situ. this is the biggest promotion of all, as pictures speak louder than words. Although at present you are viewing our website you can rest assured the work carried out is of exceptional high quality, we are our worst critic so everything has to pass some very high standards.


Whether you are looking for a base for a wheelie bin, a path to your shed or a complicated "Terraced patio" we can provide ideas and drawings to make even the smallest garden appear spacious, even reduce a large garden into divisions of space.